Protect Your Expensive Mattress Against Nasty Spills and Stains!
Keeps Mattresses Like New for Years and Years!
Waterproof material keeps spills off your mattress
Keeps your mattress fresh and clean for years
Super easy to clean
Machine washable
As a full-time mom, there's nothing I find more important than keeping our bedding fresh and clean.
Just a single spill can destroy an expensive mattress in seconds! And it can leave ugly stains, and unpleasant odors, too!
“With the price of a good mattress ranging from around $700 and up, you can't afford to replace your mattress with every spill and mess...
The problem really came to a head last summer. You see, our dog Lulu is one of those pups that positively FREAKS OUT when the Fourth of July rolls around.
Well, last summer Lulu disappeared as soon as the fireworks explosions started going off. When we finally found her, she was curled up into a ball on one of our beds. And unfortunately, she left a rather large wet spot right next to her on the mattress.
I tried everything I could to get Lulu's pee smell out of that mattress, but it was a lost cause. We had no choice but to buy a new mattress. But with how expensive new mattresses are, I knew we couldn't take the risk of having the same thing happen again!
I Knew There Had to Be SOME Way to Protect Our Expensive Mattresses!
Of course, there are a million other ways to ruin your mattress.
I spilled a glass of red wine on my mattress last summer. The stain was impossible to get out. My mattress looked like it came from a murder scene!
But even worse than stains, a recent study found that the average mattress contains between 100,000 and 10 MILLION dust mites! We're talking about POUNDS of dust mites in your mattress.
In addition to that being TERRIBLE for people with allergies or asthma, that's just plain GROSS!
Of course, we'd tried all kinds of mattress protectors before. They worked okay, but the material they were made from was totally uncomfortable to sleep on - your sheets would either slip around like they were greased or get stuck together like they were made of rubber!
Talk about a solution being worse than the problem it's supposed to fix! And to make matters worse, these protectors weren't cheap, either!
I knew I had to find some other, more sensible way to protect our expensive mattresses from stains and liquids!
Could this EASY FIX be the Solution to Your Mattress Problems?
Just a few days later, I ran into my old friend, Emma. She's the manager of a Luxury Hotel Chain, so I decided to discuss this whole mattress subject with her.
“I wish we could afford to replace our mattresses when a problem comes up, just like you guys do”, I said.
“Are you kidding me?”, Emma said. “We've got over 500 beds in each hotel, and replacing all of those mattresses would put us out of business in a week!”
“So what do you do?”, I asked.
“We have a ton of people visiting the hotel, and we can’t have any stains or odors on our mattresses. So we use these washable mattress protectors, and they work great!”
“They're called the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector. They protect your mattress from spills and stains, and they're made from a breathable material that lets the air circulate while still protecting your mattress from things like liquid spills and dust mites”, Emma said.
“I bet they don't sell them to the general public, right?”, I asked. “They probably cost a fortune. And I'll bet you have to order a minimum order of a hundred just to get them to sell you one!”
“They probably cost a fortune”, I said.
“Not at all!”, Emma replied. “They’re actually really affordable! I use them on all my beds at home, and my mattresses look like I just bought them yesterday!
At this point, I knew I had to try out the Viscosoft mattress protector for myself. I mean, if they were good enough for a hotel chain with thousands of beds, then they'd have to work for my little home with just a few mattresses, right?
The Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protectors Block Liquids and Dirt To Keep Your Mattress as Good as New!
So I ordered a single Viscosoft mattress protector online. And less than a week later, it arrived in the mail.
It was pretty amazing. No matter what ended up on the mattress protector, it would wash up clean without any difficulty!
I've tried all kinds of mattress protectors before, and while most of them can protect you from spills, their non-breathable fabric makes them really uncomfortable to sleep on.
“The Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector had
us sleeping like babies! It kept our mattress spotless and dry, while still maintaining our comfort.”
Well, the night I got my Viscosoft mattress protector, I slept like a rock! I couldn't even tell I was sleeping on a mattress protector. In fact, I couldn’t even tell I was using a mattress protector.
“I don't think I've slept that well in years,” my husband said. “Normally, mattress protectors ruin my sleep, but last night I was perfectly comfortable. I wish I could sleep that well every night!”
To put it simply, we LOVED our new Viscosoft mattress protector. And at a price this affordable, we were able to put a Viscosoft mattress protector on every bed in the house!
The Viscosoft Active Dry Mattress Protector is 100% Machine Washable!
Of course, if you had to take your Viscosoft mattress protector to the dry cleaner every time it got dirty, it would soon become very time-consuming and expensive.
But thankfully, the Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector is 100% machine washable! Just toss it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry!
No special care is required - just wash it like you’d wash any other piece of laundry.
And best of all, it's super easy putting the Viscosoft mattress protector on your mattress. A single person can do it with ease. And it's a breeze taking the protector off, too, making it quick and easy to throw into your washing machine.
Let Viscosoft Keep Your Mattress Spotless, Too!
Right now, you can order Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protectors at even better savings than ever before!
With Viscosoft currently offering an incredible 32% DISCOUNT off of every purchase, you can afford one for every bed in the house. Don't get fooled by shoddy imitations, make sure you ORDER DIRECT from Viscosoft to be certain you get the real deal!
Viscosoft is currently offering an incredible 50% DISCOUNT OFF every purchase, so you can afford one for every bed in the house. Don't get fooled by shoddy imitations, make sure you ORDER DIRECT from Viscosoft to be certain you get the real deal!
Order your Viscosoft Active Dry mattress protector now, and start enjoying cool and comfortable, stain-free sleep!
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